Unita Introduction

What is Unita

Unita is an enterprise blockchain solution. It features high TPS (Transactions Per Second) and low transaction confirmation time, to make DApps (Decentralized Applications) applicable to more business scenarios. By using SCAR (Scalable Consensus Algorithm), storage and network requirements are minimized to reduce operating costs. Unita development is based on the open-source Qtum project, which is compatible with the Bitcoin UTXO data structure and Ethereum EVM using Solidity for smart contracts.


Tools: Homepage, Download, Stats, Explorer, Faucet, One-click Blockchain.

Document: English, 中文.


  1. Develop the blockchain system, with SCAR consensus. (Done)
  2. Build related tools, including Stats, Explorer, Faucet, One-click Blockchain, etc. (Done)
  3. Develop application templates, to show how to build business applications based on Unita. (In progress)
  4. Upload Unita to cloud service providers, like AWS and Google Cloud, to make the system deployment more convenient. (Todo)
  5. Develop the cross-chain solution, Canal. (Todo)
  6. Develop the data management solution, DDAO. (Todo)
  7. Start courses, teaching how to develop projects on Unita. (Todo)

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